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B612 Beauty & Filter Camera

B612 is a photography app which is specially designed for selfies. We can apply dozens of amazing filters to our pictures or images through this app before sharing them on our favorite social networking sites.

B612 totally has more than 50 different filters and, we can slide our fingers along the bottom of the screen to choose any of these filters and give our images a different and attractive outlook.  There we can also have a small preview of how these filters will look. To apply a random filter in our image, we can also simply slide our finger over the image.

Apart from applying filters, B612 also provides us with the benefit to make collages with our images and pictures. We can make collages with just a regular or usual selfie or a with formation of more nine photographs, and even sheer formation of two to three pictures.

A timer is also included in B612, with help of which we can take pictures from a little distance.

B612 is a very amazing and a reliable photography app which offers us a very extensive and easy-to use interface. Peoples who want to take selfies and give their selfies a very different and unique outlook using various filters and effects, can use this app without any second consideration. Briefly its an excellent app for anyone who wants to apply filters and effects to their images or pictures.

More than 1,500 variable stickers

- Face recognition stickers: this filter can turn our face into a cute or adorable animal.

- Glittering and gorgeous filters which can brighten our day.

- Several drawing effects that we can draw while we take or capture videos.

To get a perfect shot at once, we can use real time beauty effects.

- With just a single tap we can get an ideal skin.

- With the help of an easy to use slider we can find an perfect face shape.

We can use spotless filters to meet up our tastes

- Perfect filters and effects for selfies, foods or for landscape or any purpose which her of very much higher in quality.

- It gives a quick access to our most used and desirable filters.

It can create music videos of rich quality very easily.


We can use exciting tunes to pair our music videos with.

- For more progressive music videos, we can diverse effects and playback speeds.

AR features or augmented reality features are available on very few devices using which we can meet cute characters that comes to life.

We can also take fun boomerang videos that will play on a loop.

To make our desirable photos more exciting and more special we can use editing tools.

We can create collages to see all of our best and memorable moments in one place.

It includes face technology by sense time.

What’s new

We can check out various filters of B612 creators from Discover Open.

A very new feature which is recently added is Beauty Slim Feature.

As we want, we can use GHIPY stickers in Create Filters.

In Create Filters, we can also adjust makeup details.

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