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One of the social media platforms is Facebook. Facebook has created a strong bond between people. People who are not even seen once a month or once a year are seen every day, courtesy of Facebook.

However, many of the victims of the irony because of Facebook. Celebrities in particular are more prone to such irony. Many cheat by opening fake accounts in the name of celebrities.

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It is also a loss to have such an account in your friend list. So it's best to stay away from these accounts. But the question remains, how to identify a fake or fake account?

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9 easy ways to find a fake Facebook account

In this article, we will explain 9 easy ways to find a fake Facebook account by providing some tips and tricks. These steps will help you stay away from spam.

Each social network site has its own pros and cons. Facebook also has its advantages and disadvantages, although it has several advantages, we cannot deny the fact that it also has disadvantages. The main problem seen on Facebook is the percentage growth of your fake accounts. The total number of Facebook accounts is approximately 1.28 billion and approximately. 30% of fb accounts are false and is increasing rapidly. Facebook aims to provide a secure social media experience, but unfortunately it can't do much to stop this problem. There is no way for Facebook to identify and remove all these fake accounts manually.

The fake Facebook account is an account that a person creates and is not associated with or is not their real representative. The fake account is created for many reasons, such as to spread spam, viruses or to steal information from other users, etc.

Below are 9 ways to identify fake accounts:

1. Only when you check the pictures on the account's profile will you know if the account is real or fake. If there are one or two pictures in the profile then it is more likely to be a fake account.

2. Profile photos of fake accounts never come true. To find out if the DPT is fake, download the image and go to Google Image Search ( and search the image and find out who the picture really is.

3. How is the account activity? Regardless of whether the status update or post is too low or irregular, it can be considered that the account is genuine or false. The higher the activity of the account, the higher the post is likely to be.

4. Whether there is a mutual friend in the suspicious account's friend list. Or that others may be removed from the account irrespective of whether the account is faked or real.

5. If everyone on the Friend list is male, or everyone is female, then that account is quite likely to fade.

6. If the 'About' section of the account contains or contains no information about the school, college, or workplace, the account may be deemed to be false.

7. If the date of birth on the account is on January 1, December 5, or on August 7, the account may be forfeited.

8. If the suspicious account's Facebook wall has many posts such as 'Thanks for adding me, do I know you' but did not reply to any of them, then the account is likely to be fake.

9. Does the account contain a picture of a girl as well as her own mobile number? Then you will understand that this is a fake account.

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