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Glary Utilities Pro offers an automated all-in-one computer or laptop maintenance service that includes a thorough analysis of problems such as invalid records, unnecessary startup items, temporary files, Internet records and spyware. Only one click can keep any PC problem away. Glary Utilities Pro offers the safest and most efficient registry tool on the market to clean the registry and correct registry errors. You can free more space by deleting invalid registry entries and temporary files. Your process and boot manager allows you to intuitively view the running processes. You can remove browser add-ons to speed up Internet speed, analyze disk space usage and discover duplicate files. In addition, Glary Utilities Pro allows users to completely uninstall the software in batch. You can also check for updates and keep up to date with the latest programs. Protect your privacy with GlaryUtilities Pro and make your computer faster and cleaner!

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Glary utilities all-in-one utility glary utilities free pro key

The installer is only ~ 16 MB in size and the installation process is quick and simple. After starting it, you can start exploring different tools and options that can help you improve the performance of your PC. It contains more than 20 tools designed to repair, accelerate, maintain and protect your PC.


- Offers a comprehensive solution for optimizing computer performance
- It has one-click functionality and easy and automated functions
- Ensures your privacy and makes your PC faster and cleaner

Auto care:
  • all-in-one PC care service automated and  Registry Fix, Privacy protection, System cleaning and more

More than 20 premium tools:

  • It includes more than 20 system utilities to improve the performance of your computer.

800% faster:

  • Scan and analyze your PC problems eight times faster and more comprehensive than before.

It is not an easy job to keep the PC in good condition and avoid a possible drop in performance. Also, with many tools that say fix and speed up your PC, it is difficult to determine which one to choose and which one really works.

Glary Utilities Pro is a software application that comes with the necessary tools to help you speed up, clean and maintain your PC. With this application, you can easily free up disk space, clean the registry, manage drivers, strengthen privacy and maintain security on your PC.

"The best utility for optimizing PC performance!"

Glary Utilities Pro provides the best continuous PC optimization feature. The best things about Glary Utilities Pro are the following:

  • Glary Utilities Pro is very easy to use,
  • Using Glary Utilities Pro, I can easily clean up the mess, clean the empty disk, etc.
  • Glary Utilities Pro is also helping to speed up the PC.
  • It also corrects intermittent errors, crashes and random freezing of the PC.
  • Glary Utilities Pro also removes temporary files.
  • Glary Utilities Pro accelerates PC performance by cleaning the registry and disk.
  • It is also useful for uninstalling the program.
  • It is worth using Glary Utilities Pro.

Clean and easy to use user interface:

The interface has a modern look and consists of a small and easy to use window. There are 3 tabs, namely "Overview", "Maintenance with 1 click" and "Advanced tools". The 'Overview' tab shows the Windows boot time, provides information about the license, database and version, and contains some options, such as activating automatic maintenance and cleaning, etc. The 'Maintenance with 1 click' tab contains options that you can check / uncheck as you wish, these options determine what would be scanned and fixed with the 1-click maintenance tool. The "Advanced tools" tab is more suitable for advanced users, it contains all the tools classified in different categories for easy access.
Under the window there is a toolbar with different tools represented by icons, this is more suitable for beginners, as it is easy to understand.

All-in-one solution:
With this tool, you can scan your PC for incorrect registry entries, invalid shortcuts, startup entries, temporary files, history and Internet traces, spyware and adware. This tool can free up space on the hard disk by deleting junk files, it can improve performance by correcting errors in Windows registry elements and the system. This tool can also defragment the Windows registry.

This tool can also help you uninstall and get rid of applications that you no longer need on your PC. You can monitor the system startup, context menu entries and optimize the use of RAM.
This tool also takes care of the privacy of your PC, you can delete the history, cookies and traces of your web browsers, use a shredder to permanently delete files beyond recovery, encrypt and decrypt files. In addition, you can analyze the use of disk space, locate and delete duplicate files, delete empty folders.

Light in the system:
This tool occupies a large amount of system resources and all its tools work well and without problems in the system. I felt a small improvement in the performance of my PC and it really improved the Windows boot time.

My favorite features:
1-click maintenance
I really love this feature, because it actually allows you to fix, clean and maintain your PC with just one click. It is better for people who are busy working on their computers for hours and do not have time to retouch with different tools and features.

Glary Utilities Pro is a program that offers you the necessary options to clean and maintain your PC system.

The software interface consists of a small and easy to use window. Rookies shouldn't have trouble moving around the program.

Therefore, you can look for problems related to incorrect registry entries, dangerous startup entries, invalid shortcuts, Internet history and traces, temporary files, spyware and adware.

But you can also delete junk files to gain space, clean Microsoft Windows registry items, troubleshoot problems found on the desktop and start menu, and uninstall software from your PC.

In addition, you can manage programs that run directly at system startup, monitor and improve free memory, manage context menu entries, and defragment the Microsoft Windows registry.

Glary Utilities Pro is a lightweight but powerful utility, with more than 20 useful and premium tools designed to improve your computer's performance by providing an all-in-one tool to maintain and monitor the health of your computer. It is definitely one of the best system maintenance tools I have found. It is recommended for all users who need a reliable and powerful software utility to help repair their PC.

Password: GlaryUtilitiesPro

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