Find & replace Punctuation on Microsoft word software?

Go to the "Start" tab menu on the Microsoft Word 2007/2010/2013 ribbon, at the far right of the group are the "Edit" options. Click on the Edit item, a pop-up menu will appear and you can now see the "Search" and "Replace" items at the top of the box. It does not seem obvious to discover Search and replace it on the ribbon.

If you are using Classic Menu for Office:

Under the Menus tab, click on the Edit menu in the toolbars as in Word 2003 / XP (2002) / 2000, a drop-down menu will appear and then you can select "Search" and "Replace" obviously at the bottom of the toolbar. menu box

This content about find & replace Punctuation on Microsoft word software. Hopefully, you read the fast article: Microsoft word find and replace or find and replace in word?. If you understand find & replace feature then you start this tutorial.

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You can search punctuation on a page; Use the same technique for any find and replace task, except that you type a punctuation symbol instead of a word.

If you still have the previous document open, here is how to do it (and keep in mind that this also works for numbers):

Click Replace on the Home tab or press Ctrl + H.
In the Find and Replace dialog box, type"?" on the Search and line "!" on the line Replace what.
Click Replace.
Click OK

Change Capitalization in Microsoft Word

The Find and Replace function does not take into account anything about capitalization unless specifically instructed. To access that option, you must click on the More option in the Find and Replace dialog box:

Open the Find and Replace dialog box with your favorite method. We prefer Ctrl + H.
Click on more.
Type the appropriate entry in the Search and replace it with lines.
Click on Match Case.
Click Replace and replace it again.
Click OK

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