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There are many reasons why people add a watermark to your video. This can prevent people from stealing their multimedia content, or it can be sure that the audience knows exactly what they have done video. However, sometimes the watermark just annoying, it is not surprising that people would want to remove it. Fortunately, there are tools such as Video Watermark Remove Remove Thundersoft, which help users to remove watermarks from video. Is it good at his job?


Installation and interface

Installing the program is quick and comfortable at the same time. You need to perform the standard installation steps, and you will not need to install other software before starting this program. The interface is also quite simple and straightforward. However, one minor comment is that the parameters of the removal of watermarks are hidden until you click the delete icon watermark. When this button is quite easy to find as it is located at the bottom of the preview window.

Three ways to remove watermarks

Footage Thundersoft Remove Watermark Remove has three ways to remove the watermark. The process is the same for everyone, but the results are different. The user can choose, depending on how he prefers to remove the watermark should look like. To remove the watermark, click the button to remove the watermark. On the video preview window appears, which you can resize. You can drag and resize the window to cover the watermark. After the watermark has been covered, the user can select one of three methods to remove the watermark.

Three methods: Delogo, Mosaic, and Gaussian Blur. In Delogo, the part where the user has specified a watermark, it will have on the vertical blur, making the watermark nechytnym. Gaussian blur operates substantially identically except a horizontal blur. Mosaic has a much different appearance than the other methods. After you apply it to the designated place, it will look like pikselizavanaya mosaic. For all these methods, you can adjust the level of fuzziness and mosaics that you will apply to the video.

Unfortunately, Video Water Remove Remove is not suitable for any of the watermark, which is located in the center of the video. Since all methods of removing watermarks include blurring of the video, its presence in the center necessarily affect the user's browsing. However, this is very good for the watermark in the corners or on the edges of the video.

This is a job but has some limitations
There is no doubt that Video Water Water Remove Thundersoft is fully functional. However, you must select the appropriate video processing, because some just can not be processed without compromising video quality. The trick is to make sure that the watermarks are located on the edges of the video so that you can dilute it, without affecting the overall viewing videos.

Use the Online Tool to Remove Watermark:

Apowersoft Online Watermark Remover is a completely free online tool that can remove the watermark from both Video and photo. There is nothing to download, and there is no compulsory application for registration. Once opened in your browser, you can process your video watermark. Some online tools will force you to purchase their subscription usually when you want to save the processed video to your computer, but this is free to use. Other than that, this online tool has an intuitive user interface and specific features. People with any level of skill can do this in a short time. Read on to find out how to remove the watermark from online Video with it.

* Visit the official site in your browser. Google Chrome is highly recommended here.
* After you open it, click the "Delete watermark from video" area to start uploading your videos to the web service.
* When the video is fully loaded, click the "Add Box (es)" button to select the watermark on the Video. You can choose as many watermarks as you want.
* Finally, click on the "Erase" button, and the online tool will start processing your Video. Once completed, you can download it directly to your computer.

Main features:

- Support for removing the watermark from JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIF, and TIFF images.
- It supports almost all popular video formats, including MP4, MKV, AVI, WMV, MOV, M4V, FLV, WEBM, MPG, TS, and many others.
- It allows you to remove multiple watermarks from a single file.
- Process multiple batch videos.
- Keep video quality transformed into original condition.

Use Video Grabber to record Video

Video Grabber is an online program that allows you to record the screen of your computer without leaving any watermark on the recorded video. Users can register the full screen or customize the area they want to register. Besides, it allows you to record the webcam and audio coming from the microphone and system sound. Users can also add text, line, rectangle, and ellipse forms during Video. Aside from being a screen recording tool, users can also use this program to capture Video from their favorite video sharing sites, convert videos to any other video or audio formats, cut, add a watermark, effects, add volume, crop, rotate, mirror, and adjust video speeds without paying anything. Here are the steps on how to remove the watermark from online Video using Video Grabber.

* Go to your favorite browser and visit Video Grabber on your computer.
* After that, click the "Register Screen"> "Start Recording" button. If you are a first time user, download the launcher online and install it from your PC.
* Once everything is set, select an area you want to record, then hit the "REC" button.
* When you are finished, click on the "Pause" icon and the "√" mark. Press the "Save" button at the bottom of the preview video and choose from these options: save as video or GIF file, edit or upload Video.

Use BeeCut for Crop Out Watermark

Another program that can help you remove the watermark from Video is Beirut. This is a video editor that has basic video editing features that are perfect for everyday use. With its simple interface, users can delete the watermark from the Video even without any knowledge in this field. Also, it allows you to remove unwanted parts, cut a frame from a video, merge clips, adds text, inserts audio, split, zoom, adds tile, and add effects such as filters, transitions, overlays, and elements. Also, this software supports various aspect ratios. To fully familiarize yourself with this program, see the guide below.

Open your internet browser to download the installer of the program and install it on your PC. After installation, run the program and select the aspect ratio for your Video.

To upload a file, tap "Import" and then "Import the file" and select the file from your computer.
Drag and drop the file to the work area — Right-Click on the file and click "Crop." Or highlight the file and hit the "Crop" icon. Set a "√" mark to the "Keep aspect ratio" if you want to maintain the same aspect ratio of the Video.
When finished, click "Export" to save the output file on your computer.

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